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“International, specialized, scientific”

The Worth Group is developing a wide array of instruments and strategies to build regulatory capacity in governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) matters in both private and public entities in an effective and evidence based way. Our experts across the world offer a dynamic and evidence based response to the growing complexities of legal, financial and reputational risks that financial crimes imply. Our ability to overcome these risks is, in large part, the result of the local knowledge of our experts, who have vast experience in different jurisdictions.

Our team is composed of international experts, both budding practitioners and respected academics, with exhaustive experience and in-depth know how in varying fields of financial criminal law. In order to provide our clients with the most successful outcomes, we create teams of experts according to the needs of the client and the nature of the request.

What we do

Corporate compliance and good governance have grown much more complex over the past ten years, especially for entities operating in multiple jurisdictions. This is in part because the litigation of financial crime varies between the jurisdictions involved. Private and public legal entities as well as regulators and authorities must be sensitive to the diverse legal and regulatory requirements at local, national and international level, and also to the various needs of authorities and and practices involved.

We offer the most specialized solutions according to the specific activities and risks of our clients by analyzing applicable national and international legislation, jurisprudence, national and international standards, best practices and legal opinions amongst others.

Worth Street

“Avenue of the Strongest”.

Just as Worth Street stands at the junction of the financial, judicial and political centers of New York City, the Worth Street Group looks to stand at the intersection of international financial and criminal law. Our New York office is located within earshot of the The US District Court for the Southern District of New York and the New York Supreme Court.

Given the gravity of its occupants, it is no wonder that Worth Street is popularly known amongst New York residents as the “Avenue of the Strongest”.

Our people

Our team is composed of international experts with exhaustive experience and in-depth know how in varying fields. Our team is composed of budding practitioners and respected academics in the field of financial criminal law. In order to provide our clients with the most successful outcomes, we create teams of experts according to the needs of the client and the nature of the request.

Senior Consultants

Adan Nieto (Spain)

Mr. Adan Nieto is Professor of Criminal Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Castilla – La Mancha in Spain and vice-director of the Institute of European and International Criminal Law.

Mr. Nieto has also served as legal expert for the drafting of numerous international and European instruments regarding corporate criminal liability, anticorruption measures, mutual legal assistance and other financial criminal law and procedural law matters. Furthermore, Mr. Nieto numerous publications in corporate criminal liability and compliance matters.

Mr. Adan Nieto has vast experience in designing and implementing compliance programs for Spanish companies and public entities.

Nicola Selvaggi (Italy)

Nicola Selvaggi is Professor of Criminal Law and Director of Research Center on preventive measures and organized crime (CeRPEC) at the Department of Law and Economics of the “Mediterranea” University of Reggio Calabria.

Mr. Selvaggi is lawyer and consultant, with particular focus on white colar crime and corporate compliance. He is President of supervisory and controlling body of an important State-owned company (Decree 231/2001) and participates to activities of UNODC  (such as IWGs and EGMs) regarding particularly the area of freezing and confiscation.

He was member of the Editorial Board of the study on “Criminal sanction legislation and practice in representative Member States” and and participant to the University “Roma TRE” research Unit, head of a research granted by European Commission “Criminal Corporate Responsibility and Compliance programs”, in partnership with Universities “La Sapienza” of Rome, “Paris -1”, “Castilla- La Mancha”.

Manuel Espinoza de los Monteros de la Parra (Mexico)

Mr. Manuel Espinoza de los Monteros de la Parra is coordinator and consultant of Worth Street Group. Moreover he is President of the International Association of Penal Law for experts under the age of 35 and plays an active role in various international criminal law committees.

After studying Law at the University of Guadalajara (Mexico) and the University of Tübingen, Manuel Espinoza worked as a lawyer in Mexico and a consultant for various international organisations, such as the World Trade Organisation and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. Furthermore, he was an academic researcher in a project of the European Commission regarding corporate criminal liability and compliance programs.

Mr. Espinoza has where advised companies and public entities in compliance matters and corporate liability in different countries.

Gonzalo Medina (Chile)

Mr. Medina is a lawyer and Professor of criminal law at Universidad de Chile and current Director of the Criminal Law Department of the same University.

He ist partner at Dal Pozzo y Medina Law Firm, where his practice focuses on criminal litigation and criminal advisory services, particularly in white-collar crime, corporate criminal liability and corporate compliance.

Mr. Medina served as an adviser of the government and the congress in the drafting of the chilean law on corporate criminal liability. Mr. Medina has vast experience on advising chilean and international companies in designing compliance programs.

Eduardo Saad-Diniz (Brazil)

Eduardo Saad-Diniz is Professor of Criminal Law at the Faculty of Law of Ribeirão Preto, University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil and co-founder of the Brazilian Center for Business Ethics & Corporate Liability.

In 2010 Mr. Saad-Diniz received his Ph.D. in Criminal Law at Faculty of Law of São Paulo, University of São Paulo, Brazil, with a scholarship “sandwich program” at the University of Regensburg, Germany, sponsored by a cooperation program between DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) and CAPES (Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoa de Nível Superior).

Mr. Saad-Diniz has published several articles and books on corporate crimes and compliance.

Lucas Campos (Brazil)

Mr. Lucas Augusto Ponte Campos is a Brazilian corporate lawyer and consultant and member of the member of the Brazilian Center for Business Ethics & Corporate Liability.

Mr. Campos holds a Master of Science´s Degree in Legal Theory at the Faculty of Law of São Paulo, University of São Paulo and has a LL.M. in Tax Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of São Paulo, Brazil. Furthermore, Mr. Campos recently took part in Castilla-La Mancha University’s Corruption Prevention in the Public & Private Sectors Graduation Program (2015).

Mr. Campos professional has vast experience in regulatory initiatives on corruption prevention, corporate liability, Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) and public procurement.

Currently Mr. Campos is writing his Conclusion Essay (“Fiduciary Duties of Controlling Shareholder and Corruption Prevention: The Petrobras Bribery Case”) at LL.M. Program in Infrastructure Law of Getúlio Vargas Foundation’s São Paulo Law School, Brazil.

Ana Luíza de Sá (Brazil)

Ms. Ana Luíza de Sá is a lawyer specialized in financial criminal law and advisor at the Brazilian Center for Business Ethics & Corporate Liability.

Ms. Ana Luíza de Sá achieved a Ph.D. and a master at the University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ). Between 2004 and 2007 Ms. De Sá was assistant Professor in Criminal Law at the same University. Ms. Ana Luíza de Sá has accomplished a course lecturer for post-graduation in Environmental Law (CEPED/UERJ) in 2005 and a course lecturer in Criminal Law for post-graduation in Environmental and Intellectual Property Law (CEPED/UERJ) in 2008.

Ms. Ana Luíza de Sá accomplished a Specialization in Environmental Business Law, Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV/RJ), and in 2010, achieved the Specialization in Tenders and Administrative Contracts, Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV / RJ).


Camilla Cravetto (Italy)

Ms. Camilla Cravetto is Assistant Professor of Criminal Law and Business and Corporate Criminal Law, at the University of Turin and lawyer at Studio Legale Ferreri where she focuses on dispute resolution, corporate criminal liability, white-collar crime and compliance programs.

Ms. Cravetto has extensive specialist experience in the fields of criminal compliance and white collar crime consultancy for companies and multinational corporations. After graduating at the Law Faculty of Turin (Italy) Ms. Cravetto obtained a Certificate in Transnational Legal Studies by the Center for Transnational Legal Studies – Georgetown University – London.

Ms. Cravetto made her training in a Criminal Law Firm practicing law on white collar crimes trials and compliance (Studio Chiusano, Turin) and in 2013 worked on secondment for ENI Legal and Regulatory Affairs Department with particular focus on compliance and anti-corruption issues.

Martin Gangotena (Ecuador)

Mr. Gangotena is the head of the criminal law department in Estudio Jurídico Gangotena & Asociados and has vast knowledge of the applicable law in different jurisdictions, having obtained his LL.M at Loyola University Chicago, a diploma on International Criminal Law from Leiden University and studying a year abroad in Spain, at Universidad de Salamanca.

The main focus of Mr. Gangotena’s career has been criminal law, elaborating one of the first thesis on the implementation of “Corporate Criminal Liability” in the Ecuadorian criminal code.

Mr. Gangotena focuses on white-collar crimes and criminal compliance, and has experience as attorney in a wide variety of economic crime cases.

Militsa Hristova (Russia/France)

Militsa Hristova is a graduate of French Private Law.
She has the knowledge to evaluate any problem in a global scale beyond the boundaries of national private laws but also understood from economical, political and public perspective.

Ms. Hristova is proficient in French, English, Russian and Bulgarian, which has been an important part of her research work on Shareholders rights in a comparative aspect of Russian and European Corporate legislation in Moscow.

Her experience in Diplomacy, Development, and International labor law in Washington and Geneva also gives her a strong understanding of nowadays political and diplomacy world.

Christoph Möller (Colombia)

Mr. Christoph Marten Möller is admitted as a lawyer in Colombia and in Germany. Currently, Mr. Möller is an external doctoral candidate at the University of Konstanz (Germany). His doctoral thesis deals with anti-corruption policies in Colombian public procurement rules.

Mr. Möller studied law at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich and did his legal clerkship in the Higher Regional Court of Munich and the office of a US law firm. He obtained two Master’s degrees, one in European law (maîtrise en droit) awarded by French Université Paris II (Panthéon-Assas) and another one (magister legum) awarded by Colombian Universidad Santo Tomás, Bogotá.

Mr. Möller has expertise in Colombian corporate and commercial law, exchange regulations and foreign investment, mergers & acquisitions, international taxation, migratory law and compliance matters. Additionally, Mr. Möller regularly publishes articles on international legal affairs in a major Colombian newspaper.

Mrs. Sofia Lascano (Uruguay)

Mrs. Sofia Lascano is a Compliance Specialist and she focuses on Legal compliance, economical and criminal law and prevention measures against both: assets laundering and the financing of terrorism.

Mrs. Lascano is an advanced advocacy student, from the Law Faculty, State University of Uruguay and she has been provided with an intermediate degree of public prosecutor. In addition, she is a Member of “Latin American Observatory for the investigation of criminal policies and alterations” (OLAP). She has gained experience in the area of compliance, mainly in the application of the Central Bank and International regulations when it comes to preventing assets laundering and the financing of terrorism, being its focus on the financial market. She manages the implementation of control procedures, analysis, and detection of irregularities and the elaboration of reports.

Furthermore Mrs. Lascano received personal training as well as participated in seminars as “Financial inversions and its fiscal elements”, “Anti-Money Laundering”, “Ethics and Compliance, Flexibility of Bank secrecy”, “Corruption, power abuse and the recovery of assets”, “Prevention of laundering and financing terrorism”, “Correct procedures for special errands and assets laundering”, “Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act”, “Criminal Law & Criminology, Law Commission of Criminal Law” from 2011 to the present.

Jordi Gimeno (Spain)

Mr. Jordi Gimeno is Professor of Criminal Procedural Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Castilla-La Mancha in Spain, where he has conducted researches on financial criminal law and compliance.

Mr. Gimeno wrote his Ph.D. on “The criminal proceedings of legal entities” and also has accomplished research stays abroad at the Berkeley University and Palermo University.

Moreover, Mr. Gimeno large list of publications on financial criminal law, procedural law, asset recovery and compliance programs.

Sina Janke (Germany)

Ms. Sina Janke is a lawyer specializing in White Collar Crime and Corporate Compliance.

After studying law in Munich, Germany, Sina Janke worked as an associate with an international law firm, advising her clients in Corporate Criminal Law and Corporate Compliance. Focusing on Anti-Corruption, Anti-Fraud and Anti-Money-Laundering, she later headed the department for Anti-Corruption as an in-house counsel for a global company based in Munich.

Ms. Janke has broad experience in both Criminal Defence and Criminal Prevention Consulting and is also advising in Corporate Social Responsibility issues. She has published articles and co-authored a Compliance compendium.

Giulia Escurolle (Italy)

Ms. Giulia Escurolle is a Phd doctor of Criminal and Business and Corporate Criminal Law, at the University of Turin where she has conducted researches for her doctoral thesis on “Economic crimes: white collar crimes and corporate crimes”.

Ms. Escurolle is also a lawyer specialized on corporate liability (she hold a master degree on Italian corporate liability, ex d.lgs. 231/01) and compliance programs, legal compliance, anti-money laundering and white-collar crimes.

After making her training at Studio Legale Ferrero, Davico-Bonino, Vercelli (Turin), she worked for Studio Legale Grande Stevens (Milan – Turin – Rome) at the criminal law department. She is currently working as of counsel for diverse  law firms in Turin, Milan and Munich (Compliance and Investigations).



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Our services

Practice areas

Governance, Risk Management and Compliance

The Worth Street Group takes what defines your organization as a moral collective —the spirit and values of leadership and governance — and translates governance, risk management and compliance metrics that align business objectives, legal and regulatory requirements, with these core values.
We offer the most specialized solutions in matters of governance, risk management and compliance, to the specific risks faced by our clients. The strategies we construct focus on business management in order to avoid legal, financial or reputational risks while encouraging the growth of business.
As corporations become increasingly globalized, their exposure to the risks of individual misconduct on the part of their employees turned will only grow. Remaining compliant with the multiple legislations represents a particular challenge. It has only become more important for firms to implement efficient governance, risk management and compliance measures.
Companies who work with the Worth Street Group have at their disposal experts from over twenty jurisdictions with vast experience in national and international legislation. Our broad reach and depth of experience make us particularly well placed to address corporate requirements in governance, risk management and compliance matters.
The elements of our compliance program:

Analytics Group

How could corporations to mess the effectiveness of their compliance programs?
The Worth Street Group conducts frequent and expansive analysis in determining the effectiveness of compliance programs. Our compliance audits include data analysis and examination of diverse compliance controls that are in line with national and international standards and corporate best practice.
The experts of the Worth Street Group use social scientific models and practical knowledge and experience to address the rapidly evolving field of corporate compliance. With the benefit of an international and multidisciplinary perspective, we guarantee our clients an adequate evaluation of their compliance programs.

Internal investigations

Over the course of internal investigations, it is important to secure any evidence that may be valuable for legal proceedings, as well as identify the factors responsible for misconduct. We also look to detect the deficiencies in the preventive mechanisms so as to prevent further losses.
Here at Worth Street Group, we not only duly monitor potential risks, but also provide on-going advisory services for the development of prevention policies. As we represent a partnership of the best experts from jurisdictions all across the world, we have both the knowledge and geographical advantage necessary for the development of integrated solutions.
The Worth Street Group not only provides corporations with solutions to carry out effective and specialized internal investigations, but also facilitates the responsible administration of compliance resources.

Whistle-blowing system

As national legal systems grow more complex, companies must submit themselves to increasingly higher standards of governance and self-regulation. Since the obligation of acting upon complaints lies predominantly on employers, our team is ready to handle those demands and help our clients take precautions against criminal misconduct through efficient whistle-blowing systems.
Internal reports and whistleblower statements must inspire confidence in company employees and present reliable support for internal investigations. Therefore, the Worth Street Group has developed methods for identifying and repairing gaps in pre-existent programs. We assist clients as they construct new whistle-blowing systems capable of mitigating legal, financial and reputational risks.

Third party compliance

In order to alleviate legal, financial and reputational risks, a company needs strong shielding mechanisms that mitigate current vulnerabilities in their international practice. Implementing a compliance system for third parties and contractors is the safest way to guard companies’ interests. Our job is to help clients maintain good quality business relationships while reducing the risk for criminal misconduct.
The Worth Street Group provides effective solutions for third party compliance through the rigorous examination of third party conduct. We use numerous IT tools for the collection, systematic management and evaluation of relevant data regarding third parties in order to determine possible risks and take the proper measures.

Asset tracing

Asset tracing is an investigative procedure that aims to trace and identify stolen assets in order to hasten their recovery. Tracing and identifying stolen assets usually requires legal maneuvering and practical investigative actions to determine their location and assess whether they can be associated to a crime. This information may be acquired through various ways, including judicial assistance.
The Worth Street Group’s members are experienced in the investigation and prosecution of fraud and in tracing misappropriated assets across national borders. In addition, our consultants have managed multi-jurisdictional investigations, which augments our ability to solve those problematic issues.

Asset recovery

Once the asset tracing results have been confirmed, it is important to prevent assets from being moved or spent. Asset recovery is a procedure that is both legally and politically complex. Successful recovery will require international cooperation in legal matters. As stolen assets are usually spread across different countries, recovering them requires both technical skill and knowledge of the local administrative, civil and criminal legislation of the jurisdictions involved.
The Worth Street Group is equipped to handle these challenges through a wide array of counter-measures, performed by our international experts, to freeze, seize and recover the stolen assets. We have developed professional and specialized services for both sides of this operation: the victims of financial crimes and the companies that were unknowingly complacent in their being committed.

International courts

Transnational trades, commerce and investments have all been influenced and affected by a growing international regulatory framework. Intimate knowledge of international law and jurisprudence has become increasingly important for private and public companies developing a multi-national practice. A precise practical familiarity with international court procedure is valuable guarantee in matters of criminal law.
The Worth Street Group is composed of international experts from diverse countries, who have both theoretical knowledge and extensive litigation and arbitration experience in international cases, guaranteeing high quality practical performance in international courts.

Field of expertise


Anti-corruption laws have grown increasingly complex. Companies that conduct business across borders face a stringent set of national laws with extraterritorial relevancy. Laws like the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the UK Bribery Act allow countries to penalize non-domicile firms for conduct within their borders. In this way, effective anti-corruption policies offer the best protection against the financial, legal and reputational risks of corruption.
The Worth Street Group supports its clients in this challenge by designing or improving corporate compliance programs. In addition, we help clients develop whistle-blowing systems, conduct internal investigations and institute third party compliance.

Money laundering

We provide companies general policy advice in order to reduce any risks associated with money laundering. We advise our clients on how to meet national and international regulatory requirements and standards for preventive mechanisms and conduct successful internal investigations that will allow them to successfully negotiate with prosecution.
Our teams include anti-money laundering consultants internationally who have been recognized internationally, as well as former bank regulators, financial institution compliance officers, IT specialists, former bankers and industry specialists, whose large experience assures better results.


Fraudulent activities are one of many risk factors that companies face. Without the proper mechanisms in place, it could take years before a company detects fraudulent behavior amongst its workers. Effective fraud prevention policies are in the best interest of companies, in order to detect and deter fraud before its full potential consequences are realized.
Because of this, the Worth Street Group implements compliance strategies and carries out internal investigations, in order to reduce companies’ exposure to risk. We advise our clients on how to implement and improve whistle-blowing systems, write and renovate code of ethics and integrate third party compliance programs.

Environmental crimes

Environmental crime is increasingly becoming an area of focus for law enforcement in all civil, administrative and criminal fields. Many jurisdictions have opted to introduce corporate criminal liability regarding environmental crimes exposing companies to renewed risks. Professional legal advice from local experts has become crucial in jurisdictions where these stringent regulations apply.
The international nature of our practice has enabled us to fully support our clients in this capacity. Our teams of experts from different jurisdictions can advise international and national companies and help firms achieve environmental due diligence with compliance programs tailored to their business model.

Market manipulation

Market manipulation consists of conduct intentionally designed to artificially control the market by illegally influencing the supply, demand or price of a financial instrument. The misconduct often creates false or deceptive circumstances for the valuation of financial instruments.
In order to promote transparency and avoid any legal, financial and reputational risks, the Worth Street Group promotes training and capacity building for a client’s employees. We also equip our clients with an efficient whistle-blowing system, so that they can identify potential misconduct early and support internal investigations.

Antitrust and competition law

Competition law in the United States and Europe has given rise to a particularly severe set of fines and penalties for convicted misconduct. In addition to the administrative fines now imposed by over 120 worldwide competition regulators, companies found guilty of collusion also face individual criminal fines and the potential imprisonment of suspected directors in the infringing companies. In the EU Member States, individual sanctions are becoming much more frequent.
It is important for company executives and directors to be aware of American, European and other antitrust and competition regulations to avoid significant legal risk. The experts of the Worth Street Group have extensive experience advising and guiding clients on these matters.

Cyber crime

Just as technology allows a successful development of cross border business, it can also be used for criminal purposes: to steal financial information, intellectual property and highly sensitive data, all of which affects financial security, identity and privacy.
Once again, prevention is the key issue to mitigate vulnerability and avoid undesired risks. The Worth Street Group offers solutions concerning companies’ cyber security. For that reason, we advise our clients on how to implement a safe, vigilant and solid cyber model, appropriate to detect threats. We also guide clients through preparatory training for cyber infiltrations, so that whenever an incident takes place the appropriate responses are taken swiftly.


Worth Street Group is looking for motivated lawyers all over the world, who are willing to participate in projects regarding Governance, Risk Management and Compliance. Since we collaborate with international organizations, governments, research institutes and corporations we are able to offer you job opportunities:

  • In different countries and languages
  • In diverse areas of law
  • In projects in both the private and the public sector
  • As a full- or a part-time consultant
  • Both for long- and for short-term assignments

If you are looking to participate in international, specialized and scientific projects please fill out » our application form. We will contact you.

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